WW2-Europe/Middle East

Student Resources



The story of the siege of Tobruk in north Africa in World War 2.


The War in Medit, Africa and ME3

Outline of the war in North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.


The War in Europe

Outline of the European phase of the war.



The story of the Lancaster bomber G for George.

primary secondary

Interview Guide

Practical suggestions for interviewing people about their war-related experience.

primary secondary

Map - Greece

Map of the are where Australians fought in 1940-41.

primary secondary

Map - Borneo

Map of the area where Australians fought late in World War 2.

primary secondary

Map - North Africa

Map of the area where Australians fought 1939-1942.


early childhood primary

Where in the world?

Students work out on a map where Australians have served in peace and war.