Traditions, Facts, and Folklore

The ceremonies, events and objects associated with the observance of ANZAC Day have become part of Australia’s heritage.

In 1997 the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland (Inc.) published a book, ANZAC Day - Traditions, Facts and Folklore to provide information for all who wished to understand more fully the history and origins of these ANZAC traditions. A revised and expanded second edition was produced in August 2000.

Much of the information included in these publications appears in this section of our website.

Queensland schools received complimentary copies of the first edition of this book in the 1997 and 1998 ADCC ANZAC Education Packs.

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The information is presented as individual pages:

  1. ANZAC: The origin of the acronym ‘ANZAC’
  2. The Dawn Service
  3. ANZAC Day Commemoration
  4. Outline Commemoration Service for ANZAC Day
  5. The Australian National Flag
  6. Australia’s War Dead
  7. Australian War Memorials
  8. Bugle Calls
  9. The Catafalque Party
  10. Colours Tell the Story
  11. Medals
  12. The Poppy is for Sacrifice
  13. The Rising Sun Badge
  14. Rosemary is for Remembrance
  15. The Military Salute
  16. The Slouch Hat and Emu Plumes
  17. The Victoria Cross
  18. Words of Remembrance