The Last Gallipoli ANZAC -- Constructing a biography of Alec Campbell

The Last Gallipoli ANZAC

In 2002 the last Australian soldier to have been at Gallipoli in 1915 died. He was not the last soldier to have been at the landing on 25 April to have survived -- we do not know who that man was. He was not the last Australian soldier of World War 1 to die -- there were nine of these men still known to be alive in 2002. But because Gallipoli is so significant in Australian history and identity, the death of Alec Campbell was a significant event for all Australians.

Who was Alec Campbell? What sort of man was he? What did he experience? How did he feel about and respond to those experiences? How did he cope with life after his experiences in the trenches? Can his life help us understand more about the nature of war, in the past and in the future?

Working through the activity

This activity consists of 22 tasks/questions designed to be worked through consecutively. The activity is completely self-contained within a single, 14 page Acrobat™ file (430kb).

All that needs to be done is to download the Acrobat™ file, print pages from it as required and distribute them to activity participants.