We have assembled some poems which you may care to use in your memorial services or just to assist in understanding what ANZAC Day is all about.

Why's Grandad Cranky All The Time (by Stewart Elliott)

The Streets of ANZAC (by Stewart Elliott)

That Quiet Old Guy (by Stewart Elliott)

ON THIS HALLOWED DAY (by Stewart Elliott)

The Buglers Call (by Stewart Elliott)

A Brown Slouch Hat (J Albert & Son)

Not a Hero (by Clyde Hamilton)

We're All Australians Now (by AB 'Banjo' Paterson)

After The Service (by Jeff Cook)

ANZAC Day (D. Hunter)

For The Fallen (by Laurence Binyon)

Gaps In The Ranks (by Les Keeble)

Grandpa, What Did You Do In The War? (by Jeff Cook)

Sir (by Damian (Dib) Morgan)

Sonnet for ANZAC Day (by Alf Wood)

The Australian (by W. H. Ogilvie)

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels (by Sapper H “Bert” Beros)

The Soul of Australia (by J.H.M.)

To the Sunburnt Ear (by Tony Gunter)

A Tribute to ANZAC Day (by Ken Bunker)

A Poem for Remembrance Day (author unknown)

We remember those on ANZAC Day.... (by Trish Reeves)