Nine Rules for Australian Army Forces in Vietnam

Australian Army personnel serving in South Vietnam were very thoroughly prepared for their duties. Among other things, they were encouraged to treat the Vietnamese people with respect. The following, while not claiming to be accurate in presentation and layout, is the text of a printed card intended to be issued to all Australian Army personnel serving in South Vietnam.


for Australian Army Forces in Vietnam

We as a military force and as individuals, are in this country to help the Vietnamese Government and People to win their long and courageous fight against the Communists. The product of victory is a democratic State with stable government and contented people. The Communists will use any weapon to discredit the government and countries, like ours, in the eyes of the Vietnamese people. Don't let your behaviour be a propaganda weapon which helps in any way to destroy Vietnam. Here are nine simple rules for conduct whilst in Vietnam:

DISTRIBUTION - 1 to each member of the Australian Army Force VIETNAM


1. Remember we are here only to help; we make no demands and seek no special treatment.

2. Try to understand the people, their way of life, customs and laws.

3. Learn the simple greetings of the Vietnamese language and use them frequently.

4. Treat friendly people, particularly women with respect and courtesy.

5. Don't attract attention by rude behaviour or larrikinism.

6. Avoid separating us from the Vietnamese by a display of great wealth or privilege.

7. Make friends amongst the soldiers and people of Vietnam.

8. Remember decency and honesty are the signs of a man and a soldier; bad manners are the sign of a fool.

9. Above all remember you are an Australian, by your actions our country is judged. Set an example of sincerity and fair play in all your dealings with Vietnamese and with other people who are assisting them.