Finding evidence of the impact of war on your community:

This web-based activity requires students to unearth and record evidence of the impact of war in the local community. Two ways in which such evidence may be recorded are provided: (1) by preparation of a list; and (2) by creation of a map.


Wars were a major experience for Australian people throughout the twentieth century.

But can we actually see evidence of that in the local community? The evidence may relate to people, places, objects, and even ideas and attitudes.

For example - do you have a war memorial? Are there streets named after war-related people or incidents? Are there people whom you know have been involved in wars? Are there mementoes in your home? Are there attitudes that people hold that are related to war-time experiences (much harder to find, but you may know of some).

If you are examining a public memorial, here are some questions that will help you investigate and analyse it:

  • What does it show?
  • Where is it located?
  • When was it created?
  • Why was it created at that time?
  • Why is it in that form?
  • Who created it?
  • What message is being passed on?
  • Whose experience is being commemorated here?
  • What can we learn from it about the community's experience of war?
  • Is it an accurate and adequate representation/ commemoration?

Interviews You may choose to gather evidence by interviewing one or more Click here people in your community. If so, we have provided some guidelines as to how best to conduct such interviews and to record the information obtained.

Go to Acrobat Download TipsLinks below permit download of Acrobat™ files. Once downloaded, the files can be printed as required. It is also possible to save the files directly to disk for viewing and printing when required.


Preparing a list

We have prepared a downloadable and printable Acrobat™ form which you can use directly (1 A4 page - 7kb) but you may care to create your own using the information on the form.


Creating a map

We have provided a downloadable and printable Acrobat™ map (15kb) as an example of what you could prepare. We have also provided a page (page 2 of the downloadable file) on which you could draw your own map.