Classroom Units

primary secondary

Memorabilia - at Home

Finding and interpreting 'treasures' of war-related memorabilia at home.

primary secondary

Alec Campbell

Use evidence to create a biography of the last Australian Gallipoli veteran.

primary secondary

Home Front WW2

What was life like on the Australian home front in World War 2? Using evidence to explore this question.

primary secondary

Charles Hucker

Using evidence to explore the life and death of an Australian airman in World War 2.

primary secondary

Impact of War on Community

How to search for evidence of the impact of wars in your community.

primary secondary

Soldiers After the War

Using evidence to explore what happens to servicemen and servicewomen after the wars.


Human Lottery - Conscription

Using evidence to explore the system of conscription during the Vietnam War.

primary secondary

John McQuat

Using evidence and different representations of the death of one Australian in the Vietnam War.

primary secondary

4855 RH Simpson

Using documents from a World War 1 soldier's official file to explore his life and experiences.

Student Resources

primary secondary

Interview Guide

Practical suggestions for interviewing people about their war-related experience.


early childhood primary

Suitcase Treasure

Students learn about shapes by looking at military memorabilia.