Classroom Activities

This section of our website contains a variety of activities which upper primary and secondary school teachers may care to use to assist in enhancing their pupils' understanding of ANZAC Day and inter-nation conflict.

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Finding 'Smithy'.

Explore the legend and reality of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

Finding treasures at home

Find out how to discover the background to, and history of, military memorabilia in the family's possession.

Remembering and Commemorating

The transcripts of three thought-provoking speeches serve as the background to questions on the impact of ANZAC and Gallipoli on Australian culture.

Australia and the Vietnam War
Vietnam -- The soldier's experience

Through written excerpts and images, learn what the Vietnam experience was like for some Australian servicemen.

Australia and the Vietnam War -- Why did Australia enter the war in 1965? Did Australians support this decision?

Take a close look at the circumstances surrounding the commitment of Australian forces to war in South Vietnam in 1965.

The sinking of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur ... War crime, or legitimate target?

Examine the background to one of the most controversial events, from an Australian perspective, in World War 2.

Success and failure in the port of Singapore—Z Special Unit and the Jaywick and Rimau raids

Prepare a report comparing two audacious special forces operations (World War 2)

The Home Front -- World War 2

Examine the impact of World War 2 on Australian culture from the point of view of those who did not go to war.

The Last Gallipoli ANZAC -- Constructing a biography of Alec Campbell

Alec Campbell died in 2002. He was the last surviving Australian to have fought at Gallipoli. Examine his experiences and life and find out why his passing was of such importance to Australia.

The Battle of the Coral Sea -- did it save Australia?

This battle has long been celebrated and commemorated in Australia. For many years it was celebrated as the battle that ‘saved’ Australia. Did it? Should we still see this event as a special one in Australia’s history that deserves special recognition? (World War 2)

ANZAC Day -- What does it mean to you today?

A comprehensive examination of this unique event in Australian culture.
(This activity was written for the Australian Defence Force who have given permission for it to be reproduced on this site)

Women in the Australian Defence Force -- Do they have an equal role to men?

Examine this contentious question...
(This activity was written for the Australian Defence Force who have given permission for it to be reproduced on this site)

Case study of a World War 1 Service Record

Discover how to read and interpret Service Records, based on the actual records of a WW1 AIF soldier, Private John 'Barney' Hines. (World War 1)

Investigating the impact of the American ‘invasion’ of Australia 1942 - 45

Overpaid, oversexed and over here
What effects on Australian society resulted? (World War 2)

A land fit for heroes?

Investigate what happened to Australians after the wars were over. (World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War)

A Case Study -- 4885 R H Simpson

Take a close look at the Army service of this young Queenslander. (World War 1)

Should we remember Weary Dunlop?

Why is Weary Dunlop considered a hero by Australians? (World War 2)

Investigating the Spirit of ANZAC - Image and Reality

What is meant by the Spirit of ANZAC? (World War 1)

Tackling some myths and misunderstandings of the Vietnam War

Check your knowledge of the Vietnam War against the facts.

Finding evidence of the impact of war on your community:

Prepare a list or draw a map to demonstrate the impacts of war on your community

The Human Lottery:

Investigating the National Service (conscription) system in the Vietnam War

Being a historian:

Investigating the Battle of Long Tan
(Vietnam War)

Investigating sources:

What happened to Private John McQuat?
(Vietnam War)

Womens Services in World War 2

Comparing images and reality in the WAAAF.

Prisoners of War - World War 2

What happened on the Sandakan Death March?

Piecing a life together

Who was Charles Hucker? What happened to him?
(World War 2)

Peacekeeping in East Timor

Is it continuing the ‘Spirit of ANZAC’?

Confrontation with Indonesia (1964-66)

Would you be a good foreign affairs decision maker?

Australia and Timor -- WW2

How do people interact in an occupation situation?