C is for Colour Patches

c is for color patches

The ANZACs were grouped together into Battalions. A Battalion had nearly 1,000 men. When the ANZACs were training in Egypt, they found it very difficult to find their tents at the end of the day because there were so many, and all the tents looked the same. It was decided that each Battalion would fly a flag from their tent with special colours to help the ANZACs find their way.

This was so successful, the ANZACs decided to sew tiny flags onto their uniforms so they could find each other if they were lost in battle.

The ANZACs became very proud of their patches. Because they had been away from home for years, their Battalions became their families, and their colour patches were like their surnames.

Colour Patches

Colour Patches identified Units. Reproduced for ANZAC Day 1981.