All Medals and Awards

This section of our website has been devoted to displaying some of the medals awarded to Australians as a result of defence service and to explaining the circumstances under which the medals are awarded.

Image Quality. Please note that ribbon and medal colours may vary somewhat from the actual, depending on your computer's display capabilities.

The displays are arranged mainly by campaign (eg World War 1, Korean War) but it should be noted that some medals were not campaign-specific, although they may have been awarded as a result of service in a particular campaign (eg the Military Medal was awarded in many campaigns). For medals of this type, a separate category has been provided and this display can be accessed by clicking on the icon.

World War 1 - World War 2 - Korean War - Vietnam War

We thank the Australian Defence Department for permitting reproduction of text and images from the booklet "Campaign and Operational Medals Awarded to the Australian Defence Force" and to Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for permitting reproduction of images from the poster "Australia's Honours and Awards."