S is for Simpson and his donkey

S is for Simpson

Simpson used a donkey called Duffy to help him carry injured soldiers to safety at Gallipoli. Simpson’s full name was John Simpson Kirkpatrick.

Simpson and Duffy

Above) This photograph is the only authentic one of Simpson and Duffy in action in Shrapnel Gully, Gallipoli. (AWM A03114)

Simpson and his donkey became famous among the Australian soldiers at Gallipoli because of their bravery. Day after day, and week after week Simpson and his donkey would wind their way through the hills and valleys looking for wounded soldiers. Even though it was very dangerous, Simpson would crawl on his belly and drag soldiers back to safety. He would then put the injured soldier on the donkey’s back and lead him down to the beach.

One day Duffy came down to the beach with a soldier on his back, but without Simpson. Simpson had been killed trying to save another soldier. The donkey somehow knew that even though his friend was dead, Simpson would have wanted him to take the injured man to safety.

Simpson and his donkey

(Above) This statue of Simpson and his donkey has been erected at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

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