Remembering and Commemorating

A visit to the Gallipoli battlefields is becoming almost a rite of passage for Australians young and old. What is behind this? Why did this military defeat and ANZAC Day come to achieve such a high profile among Australians?

In this activity, participants are asked some thought provoking questions while reading three illustrated, particularly relevant, speeches:

  • Prime Minister Paul Keating's Eulogy at the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier,
  • Dame Silvia Cartwright's (Governor-General of New Zealand) Eulogy at the Dedication of the Tomb of the Unknown New Zealand Warrior, and
  • The Australian War Memorial Anniversary Oration, 11 November 2004, delivered by Les Carlyon.

Working through the activity

This activity consists of 9 questions which are encountered while reading the above speeches. Many images help to provide a setting for the text of the speeches. The activity is completely self-contained within a single, 18 page Acrobat™ file (789kb).

All that needs to be done is to download the Acrobat™ file, use it as an electronic document, or print pages from it as required and distribute them to activity participants.